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Candidate Barack Obama made closing the prison camp at Guantanamo one of his first priorities. Now he and the Democrats seem to be dithering. On this edition of Portside, Burt Cohen talks with Rolling Stone columnist Mat Taibbi about Obama and the Demo…

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Afraid to be called flip-floppers, many politicans act on beliefs instead of new realities. On today’s Portside, Burt Cohen talks with philosophy and logic professor John Kozy about the friction between old mindsets and new challenges, and how this end…

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It looks like the US senate is about to make the global economic downturn worse…with your tax dollars. On this edition of Portside, Burt Cohen first talks with economist Mark Weisbrot about the plan to slip over a hundred billion of our dollars to th…

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Ann Jones, author of Kabul in Winter, is Burt’s guest. She spent years in Afghanistan and reveals much about realities on the ground and what’s in store for what’s become Obama’s war.

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Militarism & PoliceObamaPodcast

Will Obama End the War on Drugs? On this edition of Portside, Burt’s guest is Peter Christ,  a twenty year police veteran of the drug war and now a spokesperson for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. What are the changes we can expect? Could the…

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Finally there seems to be agreement we need to reduce carbon emissions. On the next Portside, Burt Cohen looks at the prospect of a carbon tax. Polluting industries oppose a tax on carbon emissions and mainstream environmental groups seek to compromise…

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Has the tide turned? Equal marriage rights seem to be sweeping the country, and New Hampshire is close, very close. On this edition of  Portside, Burt Cohen talks with Mo Baxley, head of the Freedom to Marry Coalition. Why isn’t civil union good e…

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On this Portside, Burt Cohen and Huffington Post analyst Adele Stan look at what’s behind the populist anger in the recent Tea Parties. And how well is President Obama navigating the terrain? Join Burt Cohen and Adele Stan as they figure it all out.

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For the last 75 years or so, when you say the word “Socialism” nearly everyone recoils.  But now, according to sports historian David Zirin “Socialism’s all the rage.”  Oddly enough, it’s the right wing which is creating a new interest in wha…

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Israel & PalestinePodcast

A new report says Israel deliberately targeted civilians–including
people holding white flags of surrender– during its war on Gaza.
On this edition of Portside, Burt Cohen’s guest is Huwaida Arraf, one of the
primary authors of the just-released repo…

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