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Is the dream over? The socialist democratic Israel our parents generation dreamed of is not the right wing Israel we see today.What’s happening with Jewish Americans who are under 70? Why does the right wing Israel lobby still have so much power in Washington? Today’s guest is MJ Rosenberg, who for may years worked for AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby and for President Clinton and members of congress. The unique perspective from which he sheds light on this subject is remarkably clarifying of this complex situation.

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Washington Post article quoting Keeping Democracy Alive s Burt Cohen &
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Washington Post Politics – Inside the exclusive events helping to fund Clinton and the Democratic Party Washington Post quotes KDA’s Burt Cohen on money in politics See Article:

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A huge crowd greeted Bernie Sanders a few days ago. Why is there such widespread enthusiasm? Because Americans on the left and right are fed up with the new status quo: a government owned and controlled by the very richest

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