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What’s the way to win in 2018? More of the same or real change? The structure of the Democratic Party itself is being tested in Texas. The Washington insiders have come down to make their picks,but what about the actual voters in the Lone Star state? Writing in The Nation, DD Guttenplan hit the ground in three congressional district races and reports back that something new is happening there. Despite being absurdly outspent, insurgent populist progressives are really connecting with voters. Often to the chagrin of Washington establishment groups like the DCCC, which insist on middle of the road candidates. The article is called Texas Showdown: Inside the Battle for the Democratic Party. We are learning the lessons of the Tea Party, finally.

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Faith in the things that good humans can do   It was the apocalypse A time when the worse angels of our nature reigned The incomprehensibly long years July 1914 until November 1918 It was the end of civilization, everything

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It’s 2017 and no one would dispute that Germany is indeed “Europe’s pre-emininent power.” But on April 6, one hundred years ago America declared war for the explicit purpose of preventing this, though no one was really sure what the

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Washington Post Politics – Inside the exclusive events helping to fund Clinton and the Democratic Party Washington Post quotes KDA’s Burt Cohen on money in politics See Article:

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