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Far from the fears right wingers had that same sex marriage would be a threat to the institution, lawyer Elizabeth Schwartz who specializes in the field, argues same sex marriage may actually strengthen the institution. Too many people go into it without making note of the legal ramifications. But gays and lesbians tend to consider it all more carefully and thus may be setting the standard for conscious and thereby more secure marriages. Her new book is called Before I Do; A Legal Guide to Marriage, Gay and Otherwise

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Washington Post article quoting Keeping Democracy Alive s Burt Cohen &
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Washington Post Politics – Inside the exclusive events helping to fund Clinton and the Democratic Party Washington Post quotes KDA’s Burt Cohen on money in politics See Article:

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A huge crowd greeted Bernie Sanders a few days ago. Why is there such widespread enthusiasm? Because Americans on the left and right are fed up with the new status quo: a government owned and controlled by the very richest

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