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They call it “youth development programs.” Seven hundred million of our tax dollars are being used to lure kids into the schools-to-soldier pipeline. The mainly poor students are presented the image of exciting video games, which millions of kids love. Rory Fanning was an Army Ranger who served two tours in Afghanistan and is now a war resister who continues his active patriotism by going into high schools and telling kids about the realities of war. His mission is intensely resisted, of course. And he is concerned about Hillary Clinton and the prospect of new wars for these kids to fight.

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Washington Post article quoting Keeping Democracy Alive s Burt Cohen &
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Washington Post Politics – Inside the exclusive events helping to fund Clinton and the Democratic Party Washington Post quotes KDA’s Burt Cohen on money in politics See Article:

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A huge crowd greeted Bernie Sanders a few days ago. Why is there such widespread enthusiasm? Because Americans on the left and right are fed up with the new status quo: a government owned and controlled by the very richest

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