The New Deal aspect of the Green New Deal often gets forgotten. The goal now as in the 1930s is to make the state the instrument of the popular will. Democratizing the economy, making it work for the common good, was Roosevelt’s goal and is also now intrinsic to the Green New Deal.  “The Greening of the New Deal” published in The Nation and elsewhere is by our guest author Steve Fraser. Then as now, plutocratic opponents try to create fear by insisting the New Deals are communistic. But again then as now, the New Deals save capitalism from its own savage excesses. The Green New Deal has the public will involved in the economy, the government incentivizing private investments for the common good. And it’s not about just taking on climate change, but also health care, housing, employment, racial justice, and healthier food. Can Democrats, in addition to Bernie Sanders, get on board and make it happen?

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