It’s all about bragging. Trump said his “deal” between the UAE and Israel would create a half million new jobs. The true number is less than a tenth of that. On this show Pentagon arms expert William Hartung explains how the president’s son in law put the squeeze on certain companies in place of the Constitutionally required assent of congress on war policy. As a result at least 100,000 are dead and a million more on the brink of starvation as the Saudis use our bombs against the people of Yemen. Hartung points out that our weapons go everywhere, and where once the Saudis boasted women could now drive, those women are today in jail. The Saudis are more represseive than Iran. American influence in the future of the region is severely harmed, as the people in the client countries know the reality. Our weapons exacerbate the imbalance of power. The re-institution of the Iran nuclear deal by a new administration would be a positive step toward real peace and security.

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