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It’s a uniquely powerful new tool: undermining peoples psychological ability to know and accept reality. In his new book: State of Confusion; Political Manipulation and the Assault on the American Mind, nationally renowned clinical psychologist and author Bryant Welch answers

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Democracy in 18th century America worked fairly easily. Nearly 250 years later, we are the least democratic of all the world’s republics. Right, left, or independent: nearly all Americans feel frustrated that the ability for average citizens to have power

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Ask today and everyone will tell you the American Dream is individuals becoming super rich. But the more traditional definition was one of equal opportunity and justice for all. Americans shared a belief in the social contract and a sense

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With his open appreciation of violent white nationalists, his insistence that he is above laws, his admiration for dictators, Trump has long embraced the rhetoric of fascism. But with his new attacks on the Justice Department for indicting his special

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Those who were surprised that Facebook was widely distributing personal information were quite naive. Our expectation of privacy is so very quaint. This according to veteran private eye Judith Coburn, whose new article on TomDispatch is titled Goodbye to All

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“What we’ve got here is a systems problem.” Americans honor brave whistleblowers and serious investigative journalists who  reveal covered up truths. But according to today’s guest Professor Lawrence Davidson, in his article on CounterPunch, the fate of the very controversial

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