Well into the 21st century, everything has changed except our way of thinking, which remains rooted in 19th century values which unnecessarily hold us back. Millions of people hate their jobs and are relegated to living as passive consumers when all could be joyous and free creators. As with the Puritans of old, joy is still seen as wasteful and decadent. But with the rise of technology, the possibility of everyone doing work they actually like, being free from drudgery to allow creativity to shine through, is very near possibility. Martin Schoenhals’ brave new book is titled Work, Love, and Learning in Utopia: Equality Reimagined. A psychological anthropologist, Schoenhals argues that we thrive because we are compassionate,not because we fight one another for scarcity, which is no longer a reality. There is enough to go around. And learning should also be fun and not forced. It’s a brave book, with a lot to say.

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