Many Iranians are more west-friendly than others in the Middle East, yet we demonize them the most. Retired US Army Major Danny Sjursen has the inside scoop on American military policy toward Iran and here talks about those realities: The View from Tehran: America’s Sordid History of Meddling in Iran. He says Trump’s relation with the Saudis is like battered wife syndrome: Dependent on them, he defends the abuser. So the Saudis’ competition in the region, Iran, is painted as a boogeyman. Sure there are bad actors but Sjursen says there are really two Irans, much like those who disagree with Trump in the US. A puzzle is why Trump, who campaigned against the neocon aggressive foreign policy now has recycled them into power. Why is Trump driving Iran into Russia’s hands, when Iran has been occupied by them? Sjursen reminds us that we are not powerless to make change.


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