He’s often said to be England’s Trump. And many hope his reign as Prime Minister of the UK will be the shortest in British history. How much damage will Boris Johnson do to formerly great Britain? The chaos is astounding. BoJo intends to ram a hard no-deal Brexit down the throats of members of parliament, and many from his own Conservative Party are rebelling. On this show, Duke University Professor Kenneth Surin, who is from the mother country, answers the many questions swirling about. Was the 2016 vote to leave the EU based largely on racism and anti-immigration, or on some fanciful vision of restoring the British Empire? Why did the Queen allow the attack on the democratic sovereignty of Parliament? How about the left? Were they motivated against the neoliberalism and globalism of the EU? Is there a middle ground? And will Jeremy Corbyn rise from the ashes of BoJo’s Brexit? Or could it get worse with Nigel Farage? Listen in!


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