Hard to imagine but the mainstream media has it wrong. What has been pictured as a crushing blow was actually a victory for progressive politics in the UK. Across Europe and Britain, working people are standing up against what our guest calls the “Panzers” of the German controlled EU. Author and Guardian journalist Greg Palast and his associate Leni Badpenny argue that Corbyn was a bit like Hillary Clinton: abandoning the working class base of the party. And Palast says those who say “Democrats will also be crushed if they nominate a progressive” are quite wrong: humorless unlikable Jeremy Corbin is not Bernie Sanders. And in terms of the immigration issue, as with the US, the EU’s policies greatly exacerbate the refugee crisis. What really happened on December 12th was that the British people said NO to what Palast calls “the union of corporate powers.”  Thus a victory for the left.

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