Did you ever imagine we would have actual concentration camps in America? What would you have done in Germany in the 1930s? Never Again means never again. On the first half, Sara Caplan talks about the new grassroots movement called NeverAgainAction. Started by Jewish Americans who learned from history, civil disobedience is happening across America to block ICE operations putting kids in cages, separating families and then losing track of them. It is a mass atrocity creating generational terror. And we are not powerless. And on part two, ever hear of Red Summer? As Abigail Higgins explains, in July and August 1919 white mobs attacked black soldiers just returned from the first world war. Seeing black men in uniforms sparked great anger, as large alcohol-fueled mobs of white men invaded homes and killed many blacks. And the black soldiers, who had fought with great honor still had their guns. Police and President Wilson just let it happen. Hundreds died. It did spark African-American organizing from then on.


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