In normal times, it’s the the military making war elsewhere in the world, allegedly to protect our peace at home. But with armed white gangs afraid their dominance of America may be slipping away, and with a president egging them on, civil war is a real possibility.When no-drama Obama recently advised Americans “Do not let them take your democracy” he doesn’t say such things lightly. On this show, Andrea Mazzariano shares her informed concerns, as she asks: War Zone America? Perspectives on a Riven Nation from a Worried Military Spouse. Of the militarization of local police, having lived in Russia, she says “There is no end to the creativity of a police state.” America is becoming like countries she has seen: lacking resources, people are dividing against one another. If Trump loses and refuses to leave, Mazzarino says the military leadership is quite reluctant to take sides at home.

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