It was an earthquake in Greece. On January 25th, fed up Greek citizens took a leap into the unknown electing the radical-left Syriza to power to take on the anti-democratic forces of centralized capital. The European financial powers have threatened non-specific “consequences” if Greece fails to fully repay it’s staggering debts. The upheaval in Greece may be a contagion spreading to other debtor nations, of course.  Here to explain it is Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. And along similar lines, in the second part, we discuss what must be done to protect what’s left of democracy here in the USA. Victor Tiffany, of the Syracuse Examiner, maps out a strategy for defeating the profoundly anti-democratic TrasnPacific Partnership, often called “NAFTA on steroids.” It would grant tremendous new power to supra-national corporations and make America’as founders spin in their graves. Citizen action is needed to stop it.

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