Had Obama announced pull back of troops from Syria and Afghanistan, our guest Major Danny Sjursen says there’d probably be a ticker tape parade. But because of our reactive hatred for all things Trump, a bizarre thing happened: Democrats opposed the pullout. Oddly General Mattis became the good guy as he resigned over the step toward peace. Sjursen, who served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and teaches at West Point, is no fan of Trump, but he is more strongly against needless wars. In 2016, Clinton was exceptionally hawkish and we lost. Where are Democrats this election year on foreign policy? Sjursen sees anti-interventionists like Republican Rand Paul as the most in touch with the majority of Americans on foreign policy. He argues that, based on a lot of history, “centrists” won’t win in 2020. Democrats, he insists, should re-connect with the majority who are for ending these wars.

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