What is “populism?” It sure is not Donald Trump. Our guest today former Oklahoma Senator and chair of the DNC, Fred Harris, who ran for president in 1976, says of the media “to call Trump populist is complicity in a lie. Demagoguery is not populism!” Here’s how Fred Harris defines populism: “when everybody does better, everybody does better.” Coming from the now deep red state of Oklahoma, Fred Harris shares a little history: left-leaning populism was especially powerful throughout the heartland. He talks about his “redneck kinfolks” who shared his liberal populism. There was something called the “green corn rebellion.” And of course to win in 2020, Democrats can not again skip over this heartland. He says we can connect, if we communicate our message clearly and strongly. The mushy middle won’t do it; boldness is required. And Harris believes his is “intellectually sound optimism.” Listen in to see why.

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