Trying to get all people to like you is a guaranteed way for a politician to lose. But don’t Democrats really need a non-threatening, middle-of-the-roader to beat Trump in 2020? On this show we look at the concept of “the center;” where it’s been and how it is pictured today. Hint: it’s not what it used to be and today’s alleged center is not likely to win the next election. Author and columnist William Rivers Pitt argues that the era of centrist establishment¬† Democrats really is over. Our nominee last time was correct in saying “Trump is a bad guy,” but that was clearly not enough then. He points out that 49% of Americans didn’t bother to vote. As Noam Chomsky observes “there is a huge gap between public opinion and public policy.” And as 2020 gets in gear, Pitt argues a majority of voters are ready for bold ideas.

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