Fire and fury. Crazy Kim Jong Un. Crazy Trump. Mutual threats of mass destruction. Is there a way out? Of course. Korea scholar Tim Shorrock writes in The Nation that not only did Obama make the situation worse, but that while we may forget, North Koreans certainly remember that 30% of its people were killed in the unended Korean War. Can the “deal maker” come through? Shorrock gives reasons why peace is possible. And on part two: it’s not just Che, but the “cool kids” around the world are starting to wear T-shirts of Karl Marx. Yes, there’s a revival of that old dry intellectual. Our guest, Kathy M. Newman of Carnegie Mellon, explains that as “capitalism has outdone itself in the 21st century,” and communism is no longer so fearsome, as Karl approaches his 200th birthday, there’s life still left in the old guy.

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