Consumed with Brexit, the old upper and lower class divisions are themselves divided. According to professor Kenneth Surin, a Brit teaching at Duke, the decision made by voters in the upcoming general election will be of major importance. On one hand there’s the Tories’ Boris Johnson who was against the hard Brexit he is now championing. Surin says “BoJo doesn’t stand for anything but acquisition of power. Brexit is a vehicle for his ambition.” On the other hand is traditional-left Labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn. When asked about allegations of Corbyn being anti-semitic, Surin says Tories are more anti-semitic, Corbyn is for a Palestinian state and would cut off military aid to Israel for the moment.  Complicating matters is that the working class is largely against a Green New Deal which Corbyn favors. Of course there similarities between BoJo and Trump; such as facts do not matter to supporters, as well as many personal characteristics. On Brexit the two differ greatly. So much at stake, give a listen.

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