We all know that, thanks to Trump giving them a green light, Erdogan’s Turkish military is now aggressively slaughtering the stateless Kurdish people. Kurdish women warriors were exceptionally effective in their fight against our common enemy ISIS. Yet Trump abandoned them to the terror now proceeding. There are tens of millions of them, they’ve been a true nation for many hundreds of years. Yet there is no Kurdistan. Why? How did we get here? According to associate professor John Broich, the Kurds were left out when the Great Powers drew arbitrary lines in the sand and created new states in the aftermath of the first world war, in Versailles in 1919. They in their white ties and tails eating caviar and drinking champagne while the Kurds were just ignored. Much of the blame lies with the British and their lust for oil to service their vast empire. Will there ever be a safe place for the Kurds? Is the world now paying attention?

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