It’s become “a nearly despotic branch of government.” But wasn’t the Supreme Court created to be a check on the powers of the executive and legislative, making certain they adhere to the Constitution? Author Thom Hartmann is a progressive national and internationally syndicated talk show host whose shows are available in over a half-billion homes worldwide. He’s the New York Times bestselling, 4-times Project Censored Award-winning author of 24 books in print in 17 languages on five continents. Talkers Magazine named Thom Hartmann as the 9th most important talk show host in America in 2018 and has been in the top ten for over a decade. His soon to be published book holds the history of the Supreme Court under a microscope and he concludes it has become a serious threat to democracy, the will of the people so often ignored. Did the Roe v Wade decision exacerbate the abortion debate? What about the power of corporations? And this “originalism?” It’s a sham, he says. Yet Hartmann says the rights of nature may turn out to be defensible under the Constitution.  We may be less democratic than most democracies, but his book points out that “the people themselves have occasionally gone to war with the court–and won.”

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