Whatever you say about Donald Trump, he is a skilled provocateur. The instant Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign, there was Trump, sowing divisions, insisting Bernie supporters “have a home” in the Trump campaign. Of course very few would ever fall for this but as guest Eion Higgins senior editor at Commondreams.org notes, not all Bernie people are Democrats. He also notes many Trump ’16 voters are disillusioned now but need to be sold on Joe Biden. The Democratic Party has long been divided of course between the right-leaning Hillary wing which controls the DNC, and the millions of traditional working people/liberals. The good news is likely that Trump, as usual has no plan. And Biden: will he pick up what Bernie has been laying down? And on part two, law professor emerita Marjorie Cohn sheds light on Trump and Pompeo’s use of coronavirus against Iran and Venezuela. We are not powerless, congress has a bill!

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