Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been president of Mexico just over a year and he is already had success bringing great change. Much to the distress of the oligarchy which has ruled for decades. His new left party MORENA now holds a majority of the legislature. Before AMLO, most food had to be imported despite so many farms. People fled as refugees to escape drug related violence. He’s enacted a new approach to drugs, legalizing marijuana and creating alternatives for youths. He calls his work a Moral Campaign. On the first part of this show journalist Rick Sterling sheds light into the good news out of Mexico. And then he talks about what’s really going on in Syria. It is not the stage managed images projected onto our TVs. The regional oligarchs ganged up on Syria, but Syria has won. What we Americans see as rebels are regarded by many there as terrorists. And the “white helmets” are also not as pictured. Truth is powerful. And necessary.

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