Asleep in her home the night of March 2, 2016, Berta Caceres was murdered. The military police of Honduras are suspected. But the government failed to stop her work: there are many more Berta Carcereses today. A government getting much military aid and training from guess who, the US. From Honduras, her nephew Sylvio Carrillo speaks to us about what happened and why. She was a threat to the government, standing up for indigenous rights and against massive projects harming the environment and displacing local residents. Since 2009 when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton OK’d the coup, it’s been what Carrillo calls a “crime syndicate pretending to be a government” But you and I can do something: there is The Berta Caceres Act moving its way through the US congress. Listen and you can tell the billionaire families in Honduras have not invested in phone lines lately.

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