Is this possibly a time of reckoning? As with all significant change, those in most pain today are once again leading. With Covid 19 further squeezing already low income people, many are in desperation just to survive. America has been based on a belief in scarcity, but it’s a lie; there is certainly enough to go around. The only scarcity is political will; this according to our guest the Reverend Liz Theoharis, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign. People in the streets everywhere are enraged at the injustices, and the movement is winning hearts and minds. The demand is that our economy can and must be transformed from just serving the very richest to guaranteeing rights for all. Including FDR’s freedom from want and freedom from fear. Why not adequate income and housing, along with justice for all? Eighty million without health care, 140 million living in poverty: that’s not national security.

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