If the word conservative means anything, it means conserving and not wasting money. Especially public money. How long can politicians claim to be conservative when they studiously avoid looking at obvious waste? Billions, hundreds of billions, trillions. On the first part, we look into hidden military realities in Afghanistan with Brian Cloughley former deputy head of the UN Military Mission in Kashmir, who argues “Afghanistan is collapsing. Get Out: Now.” What happens when the US does pull out? He says “the world will just yawn.” And on part two, award winning investigative reporter Dave Lindorff, who covers national security and military issues for The Nation, reveals the success of the Pentagon to crush a legally required audit. The accounting tricks are nothing short of astounding. He says it’s not secret money it’s fake money, in the trillions. Yet no one in congress speaks out. Time to stop the madness?

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