FDR’s fixes of the 1930s were great for the time: bolstering unions, unemployment insurance, social security, and creation of new jobs rebuilding our infrastructure. Eighty years later, it’s time to adapt the New Deal to the 21st century and create a new revitalized, inclusive social contract. Employers, employees, and government; we all face a very different future with the rise of robotics, artificial intelligence, and globalization. Old industry is not coming back. According to our guest Tom Kochan, MIT professor of Work and Employment Relations at the Sloan School looks to the example of Market Basket in 2014, when all interested parties (other than the board members driven by short-term quick-bucks) stood together and created a model for labor history. Change then, as always, came from the bottom up. Now Professor Kochan has co-authored Shaping the Future of Work: a Handbook for Action and a New Social Contract. It’s a how-to for a new more sustainable and just economy after Trump. Good stuff. Reasons for optimism!

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