Smeared and driven from leadership of the British Labour Party. Relentlessly attacked by the uniquely powerful British tabloid media, our guest today Matt Sarb-Cousin argues there’s never been a leader like Jeremy Corbyn. Except perhaps America’s own Bernie Sanders. Trump friend Conservative Boris Johnson defeated him in the 2019 election based on their exploitation of economic anxieties. Support for and against Brexit broke down on non-traditional lines. Corbyn supported Brexit to ease harsh austerity measures and now supports a re-vote. Today’s Labour Party is taken over by the Blairite Wing, with the appeal of being more competent managers of the status quo. Though the charge of anti-semitism was painted onto Corbyn, he spoke out against the one percent of Labourites whom it fit. Corbyn continues to stand for transformation to a more equitable, non-imperialist England. He’s not done yet.

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